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"Physics of the bulk-edge correspondence :its diversity and universality"
Focused lectures at the Chiba University, organized by Prof. T. Nakayama
2015. July8-9
Content of the lectures (pdf files are mostly in English)
1. Introduction: [Talk file pdf]
2. Quantum Hall effects: [Talk file pdf]
♫ Gauge invariance and Laughlin argument: [Detail pdf]
3. Electronic structue of silicene: [Talk file pdf]
4. Berry phases & Chern number (their quantization): [Talk file pdf]
5. Symmetry protection for topological phases: [Talk file pdf]
6. Bulk-edge correspondence: [Talk file pdf]
Physics of bulk-edge correspondence: Focus lecture at Hiroshima Univ. June 27-29 (2012)
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Poster : hatsugai on 2018-06-20 11:30:51 (89 reads)

Our paper on ZN Berry phases for symmetry protected phase (SPT) has been published in Physical Review Letters, T. Kariyado, T. Morimoto and Y. Hatsugai, "ZN Berry phases in SPT phases". Have a look at. Also see EPL in 2011 for the ZN quantization.

Poster : hatsugai on 2018-06-09 07:26:18 (83 reads)

Zongping Gong (Univ. of Tokyo) will talk on the topological phases of non-hermite system on July 11 (2018) (We have updated the typo (date and time) in the poster). It starts from 15:00. Join us.

Poster : hatsugai on 2018-06-06 15:25:13 (64 reads)

On June 13 (2018), Nobuyuki Yoshioka (Univ. of Tokyo) will give a talk on the physical application of the machine learning "Machine Learning Disordered Topological Phases by Statistical Recovery of Symmetry". Join us.

Poster : hatsugai on 2018-04-20 18:51:10 (191 reads)

The Commendation for Science and Technology: Prizes for Science and Technology (Research Category) by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JAPAN: Yasuhiro Hatsugai, "Bulk-edge correspondence in topological phases" [PDF in Japanese]

Poster : hatsugai on 2017-12-26 01:33:43 (414 reads)

    Bulk-edge correspondence
    [0] バルクとエッジ
    [1] Focus lecture
    [2] Original papers
    [3] Japanese Physical Society monthly issue Commentary (Only Japanese except abstract) [pdf]
    [4] "Band gap, dangling bond and spin : a physicist's viewpoint" [pdf]
    Topological phases
    [0]Historical project
    KAKEN-HI DB FY1992 : Topological effects in electronic/spin systems
    KAKEN-HI DB FY1994 : Topology & geometrical phases in condensed matter physics
    Some of my talk files
    [1] MIT, Boston (2003)
    [2] APS/JPS March Meeting (2004)
    [3] JPS Fall meeting, JAPAN (2004)
    [4] APS/JPS March meeting (2005)
    [5] JPS Fall meeting (2005):Entanglement
    [6] Superclean workshop, Nasu (2006)
    [7] MPIPKS, Dresden (2006)
    [8] KEK, Tsukuba (2007)
    [9] ETH, Zurich (2008)
    [10] ICREA, Sant Benet (2009)
    [11] JPS Meeting, Kumamoto (2009)
    [12]HMF19, Fukuoka (2010)
    [13] NTU, Singapore (2011)
    [14] ICTP, Trieste (2011)
    [15] Villa conf., Orland (2012)
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