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ニュース!! : Entanglement Chern numbers in 3D
投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2017-10-06 16:36:02 (471 ヒット)

The entanglement Chern numbers is a Chern number of an entanglement Hamiltonian which characterizes topological properties of a topological phase. Starting from a pure state density matrix of the ground state, one may obtain finite temperature (mixed state) density matrix by tracing out parts of the system. If the entanglement hamiltonian has a finite energy gap, the Chern number is well defined by lowering the temperature. We apply the concept for the 3D topological phases.The parity of the number of the Weyl point gives a well defined topological number to distinguish the the state is topologically non trivial. Have a look at arXiv 1708.03722 . The paper has been accepted for publication in Physical Review B.

今年もやります。まずは量子力学3. 冬は 統計力学2. 平成30年の新年あけましておめでとうございます。今年もあと97日!
投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2018-09-16 21:21:29 (72 ヒット)

Sami Mitra, Editor, Physical Review Letters will give a special seminar, "Physics after the lab and the desk: Your work in PRL", 10:30 am, Sep. 19 (2018) at Tsukuba International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA 2F 202. Join us !

投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2018-08-30 17:14:16 (186 ヒット)

Yuto Ashida (Univ. of Tokyo) will give a talk on Sep. 26 (2018) entitled "Quantum many-body physics in open systems: measurement and strong correlation". Its detail is here. It starts from 13:30. Join us.

投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2018-08-02 10:41:19 (566 ヒット)

I will give a talk in two coming conferences about topological phases and mathematics.

Progress in the Mathematics of Topological States of Matter, Sendai, AIMR, Tohoku Univ., 13–17 August 2018
Recent progress in mathematics of topological insulators, ETH Zürich, 3rd-6th September 2018

投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2018-07-31 07:27:44 (243 ヒット)

New topological number as an entanglement polarization for the topological quadrupole phases is defined and its validity is demonstrated, T. Fukui and Y, Hatsugai, Phys. Rev. B 98, 035147, (2018) . It picks up dipolar components of quadrupole phases which are canceled out in total.

投稿者 : hatsugai 投稿日時: 2018-07-25 13:53:14 (257 ヒット)

I gave a series of lectures at Kyushu Univ. on the topological phases for grad. students. The detail is here [Link] . Have a look at.

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    科研費 1994年度:物性論におけるトポロジーと幾何学的位相
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